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Welcome to the CukeHub API!

CukeHub is the endpoint for all of your Cucumber Scenarios.

Store and Share your Cuke Results at CukeHub.

CukeHub API

HTTP Request



Parameter Description
api_key: API Key generated in your CukeHub App.
name: Cucumber Scenario Name.
steps: Cucumber Scenario Steps.
location: Cucumber Feature File Path.
tag: Cucumebr Tag(s) associated with the Cucumber Scenario.
status: Cucumber Scenario Status at Runtime [PASSED, FAILED, PENDING]
machine: Machine or Device that executed the Cucumber Scenario.
os: Operating System the Cucumber Scenario was executed in. [OSX, LINUX, WINDOWS]
runtime: Total Runtime of the Cucumber Scenario.
branch: The git branch the Cucumber Scenario ran in.
sha: The git SHA the Cucumber Scenario ran in.
browser: The brower the Scenario ran in for a Browser Integration Test.
domain: The domain the Scenario ran against for a Browser Integration Test.
exception: The Exception Error for a FAILED Cuke.

Get Started with Ruby

require 'cukehub'

Before do
  @cukehub_api_key = '<api_key>'
  #@browser = 'Set @browser in order to see Browser Results at CukeHub'
  #@domain = 'Set @domain in order to see Test Domain at CukeHub'

Step Description
1. Install the CukeHub RubyGem or add gem 'cukehub' to your Gemfile
2. $ bundle install
3. Create a New App at
4. Copy the api_key for the App.
5. Add require 'cukehub' to your features/support/env.rb.
6. Paste @cukehub_api_key = <api_key> into your features/support/env.rb file Before Hook.
7. Run your Cukes$ cucumber
8. See your Cuke Results at
9. Invite your Team and Share Results.


The Kittn API uses the following error codes:

Error Code Meaning
400 Bad Request – Your request sucks
401 Unauthorized – Your API key is wrong
403 Forbidden – The kitten requested is hidden for administrators only
404 Not Found – The specified kitten could not be found
405 Method Not Allowed – You tried to access a kitten with an invalid method
406 Not Acceptable – You requested a format that isn’t json
410 Gone – The kitten requested has been removed from our servers
418 I’m a teapot
429 Too Many Requests – You’re requesting too many kittens! Slow down!
500 Internal Server Error – We had a problem with our server. Try again later.
503 Service Unavailable – We’re temporarially offline for maintanance. Please try again later.